Reimagining Mann Island Atrium

We are so grateful for the support of @RIBA North for hosting our Saturday design sessions in their gallery over the past year. It’s an inspiring environment for the next generation of place-makers, and we’ve felt very at home there.

It felt fitting to use the atrium space as a focus of one of our design sessions, to think about how this space could be activated, repurposed and connected with its surroundings. You can see our slideshow of designs below.

We had a vibrant mix which thoughtfully considered how to maximise the use of the space by connecting with the local businesses in the building, and other businesses and members of the public who might visit the area.

Ideas included a trail of Superlambanana’s to encourage families to the space, greenery to soften the space, ambitious architectural structures outside the building to attract people over from the crossing, interactive chalk flooring to encourage creativity and colour, and an outdoor play space for both adults and children to animate the surrounding area.

Well done to all the Academy participants who attended this session and collaboratively made their ideas come to life, and thank you to RIBA for hosting us and fueling the idea for this session!