Environmental Academy Programme

In 2021, PLACED are working with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) and Metro Mayor to deliver the Environmental Academy as part of their Community Environment Fund.

From previous Academies, we understand that the environment is high up on the agenda for many young people. This programme is designed to give participants the opportunity to explore their own interests, beliefs and aspirations in this area. Participants will work together to deliver either digital or face to face community engagement before developing designs ideas that they believe could create better, more sustainable places.

A mix of creative projects and professional development activities will be delivered through collaborative sessions and individual activities, with sessions supported by students and professionals from the built environment. Below is an overview what to expect.

Part 1: Independent design challenge

Meet the team

We’ll meet together over Zoom to find out more about the programme, introduce the PLACED team and get to know your cohort. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and will be introduced to your first design challenge.

Research and development

Develop your research skills by exploring your local area, learning about environmental challenges and potential solutions, along with how local communities could positively benefit for environmental improvements. You’ll hear from innovators and leaders in the sector, helping to shape your thinking.

Design tasks

Take your research and learning and apply it to a creative design task. Work through a design project like a professional would, from developing a brief and learning about the importance of sites and communities, to developing design solutions using drawing, model making, teamwork and presentations.

Part 2: Developing your group project 

Summer School Part 1: Project Development

Across three days, you will work in groups in a series of design challenges which will develop your teamwork, creative and collaborative skills. You will be supported by built environment and environmental experts who will assist you in developing your public engagement campaign, whether digital, physical or a combination of the two.

Summer School Part 2: Your Campaign

Over three days, you will create your engagement tools and approach. You will be assisted with a personalised mentor and specialists who will help you develop your materials, whether that is a pop-up structure, event, artwork, website, school resources – or something else!

Part 3: Community engagement  

Community engagement

Your teams will launch your community engagement project to members of the public. You will be talking to communities around the issues of Climate Change and trying to understand their local issues through your project. 

Part 4: Design Schemes  

Reflection and evaluation

Working in groups, you will interpret the information you have gathered. This will help you to develop ideas for a design challenge, creating solutions for a town centre that you think could address environmental and community issues.

Design Challenge

Using the skills you have developed through the Academy so far, you will transform your ideas into a physical design through a mixture of drawing, model making and other creative approaches.

Presenting your work

The programme will end with an opportunity to present your work to the rest of the cohort and the Academy Partners and Sponsors, helping you to develop your communication and presentation skills.

Throughout the programme, you will be supported by the PLACED team and our fantastic mentor Ambassadors, built environment professionals and students. Our Ambassadors include architects, planners, interior designers and landscape architects. You will work alongside them, gaining a unique insight into careers and study routes in an informal, practical way.

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