The PLACED Academy, a FREE to access, creative programme about the built environment delivered over a 12 month period for 14-18 year olds. This programme is designed to increase participants’ self-esteem, break down barriers to professional careers through bringing participants and professionals together, exposing participants to a variety of conventional and non-conventional routes to your career goals and developing a broad range of skills.

If you are looking for a creative programme that supports you in helping to shape the places we live, work and spend time, then the PLACED Academy is for you!

“I’d encourage someone to take part as not only to you learn about the built environment, you also learn transferable life skills”. 

Grace, Academy Participant 

This is a programme from PLACED, a social enterprise delivering creative education and engagement programmes about the built environment across the North West.

This programme would not be possible without the support and generosity of our partners and sponsors listed below. Click on their logos to find out more information about them.



“Do it. It opens so many doors and gives you a better understanding of the built environment. Plus, it lets you meet new interesting people who have passion for the built environment like you”. 

Liam, Academy Participant