We are currently developing the 2022-23 Academy, and more information will be available early in 2022.

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Academy programmes offers opportunities to learn about a range of careers in the built environment sector, including architecture, interior design, construction, urban design, town planning and more.

Our participants are aged 14-18 and have a broad range of interests, including architecture, construction, design, art, being hands-on and creative or just simply want to find out more. Importantly, they feel they can contribute and learn from the programme.

We ask that you are open, curious and willing to work collaboratively in order for you to shape your experience of the Academy to your interest and learn from your mentors and peers.

What will I get out of it?

Our Academy participants have told us about a range of benefits they have taken from the programme, from career insights to developing new skills. Below are just some of the things we hope you can benefit from too:

  • Growing in confidence
  • Getting comfortable working with new people
  • Collaboration skills
  • Increased knowledge of career options and routes
  • Learning skills to help you in school, college and university
  • Learning directly from professionals
  • Communication skills
  • Developing your self-belief to know that your view matters

Our ambition is to expose you to new ways of working, learning and collaborating. You will not be assessed in a formal way: this is not what success looks like in the Academy. Instead, success to us means that our support will help you to develop new skills, gain new friends and experiences, and help you to feel confident about your next steps, whatever they may be.

How do I graduate from the programme?

The amount of time we ask you to commit will depend on the format of the Academy. Typically, this would be 10 days of activity, but the commitment required will be clearly communicated before you sign up.

Upon completion, you will be awarded with a certificate of recognition for your work and contribution to the programme which you can add to your profile of achievement.

If you have any questions, please contact