Whilst the programme has started, we have a limited number of additional places now available due to additional funding. The closing date for these additional places is 18th July. We will confirm as soon as possible after this date if you have a place.

New participants will join the programme at the summer school stage, and continue through to the end of the programme.

Where and when is it?

The Environmental Academy 2021 will be delivered through a mix of evening and weekend workshops that take place over Zoom, along with digital public engagement sessions.

The programme will be responsive to participants’ needs and interests. Projects will be youth-led, guided by a range of professionals providing tailored, bespoke support.

It will consist of approximately 13 sessions with a mixture of evening, weekend, half day and full days between June and November 2021. The dates confirmed so far are as follows:

Part 1: Knowledge development 

  • Sat 26th June
  • Thursday 1st July
  • Thursday 8th July
  • Thursday 15th July
  • Alongside these sessions you will have tasks to complete independently which will take 1-2 hours each week.

Part 2: Development of engagement

  • 26-28th July: Over three days we’ll be developing ideas, focusing on what you have learned, what you need to know and how you’re going to engage as a group with the public
  • 4-6th August: You will begin to create your engagement tools.

Part 3: Engagement

  • One or two days at the end of August (Date to be confirmed)

Part 4: Application of the design project

  • Thursdays 30rd September – 4th November – evening sessions

The format will be dependent on Covid restrictions and social distancing measures at the time of delivery. We will continuously evaluate and assess the most appropriate, safest delivery approach.

Who should apply?

Applications for the Environmental Academy are now open, with approximately 30 places available for young people from across the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. You can apply if you are currently in Years 9-12.

The 2021 Academy uses the built environment as the primary focus to explore participants’ aspirations for sustainability and the environment. It will offer an opportunity to learn about a range of careers in this sector, including architecture, interior design, construction, urban design, town planning and more. Additionally, it introduces approaches to community engagement, communication and events.

We are looking for participants with a broad range of interests who feel they could contribute and learn from the programme. If you are interested in the built environment, environmental campaigning, sustainability, community engagement, events, marketing, digital communication, activism, art or something else, we would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about eligibility or suitability to the programme, please contact

What do I need to take part?

Ideally you will need access to a laptop or computer to take part in the online elements of the Academy, but if you do not have access to this you can use a smartphone. Throughout the programme, we will inform you of any additional software or programmes you may be asked to use, all of which will be free. In face-to-face sessions, all materials and equipment will be provided for you.

All participants are supplied with a basic materials pack including paper, pens and a sketchbook. You are also able to work with digital software if this is what you prefer.

We ask that you are open, curious and willing to work collaboratively in order for you to shape the Environmental Academy to your interest and learn from your mentors and peers.

What will I get out of it?

Our Academy participants have told us about a range of benefits they have taken from the programme, from career insights to developing new skills. Below are just some of the things we hope you can benefit from too:

  • Growing in confidence
  • Getting comfortable working with new people
  • Collaboration skills
  • Increased knowledge of career options and routes
  • Learning skills to help you in school, college and university
  • Learning directly from professionals
  • Communication skills
  • Developing your self-belief to know that your view matters

Our ambition is to expose you to new ways of working, learning and collaborating. You will not be assessed in a formal way: this is not what success looks like in the Academy. Instead, success to us means that our support will help you to develop new skills, gain new friends and experiences, and help you to feel confident about your next steps, whatever they may be.

How do I graduate from the programme?

We ask that you commit to at least 10 days of activity. This is because you will be working as part of a group throughout the Academy. If you are unable to attend a live-session for any reason, you will be given the opportunity to complete activities in your own time.

The programme will work towards a public engagement activity of your making to members of the public, and a presentation of your group designs that respond to the public engagement to our funders and sponsors.

If you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to hearing from you!