Support the Academy

We are delighted that the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) and Metro Mayor are the primary funders for the Environmental Academy 2021, through their Community Environment fund. This fund supports the LCRCAs ambitions to tackle the climate emergency, especially in light of the Covid-19 crisis, and with a particular focus on communities that are the most effected. You can read more about the fund and the other successful projects here.

It is our ambition to enhance the Environmental Academy and further our participants’ development through an expanded programme of design workshops and activity. The expanded programme will challenge participants to respond to the outcomes of the community engagement exhibition: a crucial aspect of iterative design which is responsive to the views and feelings of communities.

We are currently looking for match funding to enable us to deliver this extended programme. Your support will also provide our participants with additional time and support from PLACED, their mentors and Ambassadors, alongside enriched resources. This will ensure all participants have greater opportunity to thrive.

By supporting the Academy, you can help us to make a difference. See our 19-20 Impact page to find out more about the impact our Academy programme has had.


Supporting the Academy is simple. We are inviting businesses to be a sponsor for just £175 per quarter, with a minimum commitment of 12 months, or alternatively a one-off payment of £700.

“Delivering social value is intrinsic to the way in which Buttress works, reflected in the projects we deliver and how we contribute to creating equal opportunities and promoting diversity in the industry. One of the greatest rewards of sponsorship has been gaining a wider insight into the new talent coming forward, while witnessing the next generation of built environment professionals grow and build their confidence”.

Buttress, Academy Sponsor

If you choose to support multiple young people, you will benefit from a reduced rate for two placements of £1,200.

Benefits include:

  • Having a positive, transformative impact on the lives of young people
  • Be part of a project that addresses the critical issues of climate change and the environment, Covid educational recovery for young people, increasing diversity in the built environment and empowering young people to explore their ideas for more sustainable futures for our high streets
  • Opportunity to support workshops, getting to know the group and see first-hand the impact your contribution is having
  • Supports your company Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value Agendas
  • Positive activity to enhance tenders
  • Photographs for use on your website, social media and tenders
  • Academy Sponsor logo for use on your email footer and website
  • Logo on PLACED Academy website including a direct link to your website
  • Social media posts reflecting your support
  • Identified as a named Sponsor on website, launch and graduation brochure
  • Be a part of our PLACED network, consisting of industry professionals across the North West
  • Option to get involved in workshops, showcasing your own work whilst getting to know the group and see first-hand the impact your contribution is having.

Become an academy partner

We are keen to work with a limited number of companies as Partners. In addition to Sponsor benefits, Partners benefit from:

  • Increased level of social media posts and mentions
  • Named Partner on all print and promotional materials
  • We would be happy to discuss other ways that we could collaborate to benefit your company, for example, academic research or Academy students speaking at a conference on your behalf.

“Being a Partner of the PLACED Academy allowed us to work with PLACED to shape the programme for the young people to give us invaluable feedback for the Liverpool City Region Spatial Development Strategy. The insight we gained demonstrated the key importance of Climate Change and Health to our younger population and will help us shape policies which will hopefully address these concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate in using the Academy again to gain this important perspective”.

Liverpool City Region, Academy Partner

Our Partner rates are £2,500 per annum.

sponsor a material pack

A donation of just £25 will support us in providing the a material pack for every participant, ensuring every person has access to basic resources that can make their ideas a reality. Your support will help us remove barriers to participation, and help us create a diverse community of participants. You can donate via PayPal below, or you can contact us to explore this option.

Material Packs

Your donation will help us provide every participant with a materials pack to help them create designs, experiment, build a portfolio of work and kick-start their creative endeavours.


Find out more

You can download a brochure about sponsorship here.

To discuss Partner and Sponsor opportunities contact PLACED Director Jo Harrop on or 07968 237 280.