Falconer Chester Hall

“Falconer Chester Hall recognise that the stronger we become, the more room there is to give something further. We facilitate a culture that encourages individuals to support and contribute to worthwhile causes. As a group of people with a collective social conscience it is important to us that we contribute where we work, lending our energy, ideas expertise and enthusiasm where we think it can benefit others. Remaining active and supporting local community initiatives and events is part of our ethos.”


Established in 1997, Falconer Chester Hall are award winning practitioners in architecture, masterplanning and interior design. With offices in London, Manchester and Liverpool, the company works across a range of sectors, taking a sustainable approach to each design, creating thoughtful and sensitive buildings that respond to and complement the site and its surroundings, whether new build or sensitive conversions, large-scale masterplans or constrained urban sites. Falconer Chester Hall contribute positively to the communities they work with, by combining social responsibilities with their skills, positive approach and company values.


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