Cafe and support centre for CIF

In response to COVID, we make the decision to take the remaining Academy sessions online. Although we unfortunately don’t get to see each other in person, we’ve been staying in touch using zoom to carry on talking, learning and making.

We worked with our Sponsors Construction Impact Framework to develop a brief to allow our participants to design the look and feel of a new cafe and support centre. They considered the need for a flexible space for various events to take place, and a place to feel safe and supported with a ‘homely’ feel.

They designed two main boards:

  • One board communicated the vision for the space. This communicated how the cafe should feel, and how it should suit the needs of the users.
  • The second was their design board. This communicated the key design features such as colours, materials, furniture and layout.

Take a look at more of the submissions below.

You can see a wide variety of responses, and some common themes. Greening was popular, as were earthy tones and comfortable seating to deliver on the ‘homely’ feel of the cafe. There are also some interesting ways of creating multifunctional spaces by using modular furniture, movable walls, and pods to carve out more intimate spaces.

This was many of the participants first time using Photoshop in order to assemble these panels, and we think they’ve made impressive visuals to communicate a cohesive and people-centred vision for this unique space with certain specific needs.

Well done team!