shedkm are a collective of architects and designers based in Liverpool and London. Our distinctive approach results in bold, engaging schemes which are economically and socially transformative. We create genuine, well-connected communities to improve people’s health, well-being and life chances.

Throughout the year, we accept children and young adults for work experience placements, as well as attending careers days in schools. We also participate in the RIBA Student Mentoring Programme, inviting undergraduates for discussions, presentations and visits to projects and sites. Each year we commit to employing trainee part 1 and part 2 architects and work closely with Liverpool-based universities.

ellis williams


Our work has taken us to some extraordinary places and positioned us in front of an international audience over the last half century.

We push boundaries to design the most spectacular architecture where we use space, materials, setting and environment in the most visionary and interesting ways.

As we step into the future and the next half a century, our mission is to continue to be truly transformative, making things better for people and the planet by creating long term benefits to communities and the world we all live in.

LDA Design


LDA Design’s purpose is to make great places and shape the world around us for the better. We are proud to be 100 per cent employee owned and believe in the power and creativity of the collective.

Climate breakdown and nature loss are the biggest challenges of our times. We think landscape is key to managing these crises. We take a holistic approach which recognises the close links between climate, biodiversity and ecosystem decline, health and wellbeing, and social and economic inequality.

We champion new approaches that lead to more innovative climate conscious design. Our roots lie in the science and art of landscape architecture, and this strengthens all the services we offer. The original meaning of the world landscape is to create a place where people belong. We focus on the needs of people affected and on creating a balance with nature.

LDA Design is playing a pivotal role in the regeneration and growth of towns and cities across the UK. We are shaping lively, sustainable, productive and prosperous city quarters, enlivened by the day to day, made special by the extraordinary and powered by landscape.


“We see design as a social endeavour, giving us the privilege of shaping places which respond to their environment and their community. We recognise the critical role that young people in shaping the communities, places and landscapes of the future. Their perspective offers a unique opportunity to respond to the key issues of climate, biodiversity decline, wellbeing and social and economic inequality.

The PLACED Academy programme will offer a platform for us to inspire and be inspired. We welcome the opportunity to give an insight into the built environment world and broaden our own horizons.