placed environmental academy the journey so far…

We launched the Environmental Academy back in June and have delivered 11 virtual sessions so far and our 25 young people will continue on the programme until November. Our cohort have come from across Liverpool City Region and all share a passion for how places can positively impact the environment and communities.

We kickstarted phase one with in-depth research and discussion around environmental activities, sustainable approaches to combat climate change and work with communities. Participants completed an independent design task linked to their local area before partaking in teamwork to plan their engagement campaign.

During the six virtual summer school sessions, participants collaborated in small teams to develop their designs further. They then planned a youth-led engagement campaign to gather feedback on what people thought of their design proposals and ideas on how to address key environmental issues and encourage sustainability in their local area.

The five teams launched their campaigns with the website serving as a platform to showcase their brilliant work and prompt feedback with its online surveys and interactive content produced by the cohort. 179 people have visited the site already which will remain live for the next three years – make sure you check it out!

Each week throughout August, a different group took over our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook platforms in an #AcademyTakeover day to spread their message across social media. The reach was impressive with some posts connecting with over 200 people! Participants also raised awareness and communicated their message by producing content for a screen at Liverpool Museum which displayed their work for 1 week in August.

We are now in the final phase of the PLACED Environmental Academy which will see our 25 participants take on the challenge of re-designing a town centre in Liverpool City Region. Across the next six weeks, they will work in small teams closely supported by our PLACED Ambassadors to develop ideas for how a town centre could be better designed for the people that live, work and visit there. They will assimilate the feedback they received from their community engagement to influence the direction they take with their designs, continuing to build on ideas that encourage and support the community to be more sustainable and address the climate crisis.

All sessions are generously supported by our Ambassadors, Partners and Sponsors who have shared their expert knowledge and experience of how design in the built environment can respond to climate change and have a positive impact on communities. We are extremely grateful for this generous support.

We’re looking for a web designer!

A key part of the PLACED Environmental Academy is our young people being able to design and deliver a programme of engagement, reaching out to the public and exploring what they feel are the important issues in terms of climate change and the built environment.

In response to Covid, this engagement will be delivered digitally. As a result, we are seeking someone to work with us to design a website which the young people who are enrolled in the Academy, supported by PLACED, can populate with their content.

This is an exciting project and we’re looking for someone with the energy and capacity to work with us to help ensure young people’s voices can be heard.

Closing date: Midday on 21st July. Commission to be delivered 28th July – 6th August.

We’re launching the PLACED Environmental Academy!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of PLACED Environmental Academy – a FREE to access, creative programme about the built environment for 14-18 year olds. 

This special programme is supported by the Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund and the Metro Mayor. It was designed to give participants the opportunity to explore their own interests, beliefs and aspirations in the field of environment and sustainability. Participants will work together to deliver either digital or face to face community engagement before developing designs ideas that they believe could create better, more sustainable places.

The Academy is designed to tackle the barriers that young people face in accessing professional careers in the built environment. It seeks to support greater diversity in the sector, enable participants to develop their skills and confidence and empower them as active members of society. 

The programme will run between June and November 2021 and will give 30 young people the opportunity to participate in an exciting programme of digital and face-to-face activities about the built environment, with workshops, tutorials and guidance from industry mentors.

Participants will take part in research and design projects and develop a public engagement campaign that will be launched to members of the public. Young people will be supported by the PLACED team and fantastic mentor Ambassadors, students and built environment professionals. Mentors and speakers will include sustainability experts, architects, planners, interior designers and landscape architects, offering young people a unique insight into careers and study routes.

One previous Academy participant states:

“The Placed Academy has really benefited me in many ways. It has boosted my confidence, developed my teamwork skills and has truly given me an insight into the built environment and what a career would be like in it. It is a great opportunity”. 

The 2021 Environmental Academy builds upon the success of PLACED’s previous three Academy programmes:

  • In 2019-2020, the first programme ran as a series of face-to-face activities and workshops. 35 young people graduated.
  • In 2020, we shifted to a Digital Academy programme in response to the Covid-19 crisis, when supporting young people in taking positive steps towards their future was more important than ever. We ran two programmes, one in the spring and one in autumn, for a total of 62 participants.

Throughout the programme, participants have become confident, informed young people able to think creatively to solve problems and develop ideas. 

PLACED Director, Jo Harrop says:

“At PLACED, we believe creative learning is an invaluable tool in developing young people’s confidence, self-belief and skills. Making the built environment the focus of this creativity means we can create empowered young citizens who know their view matters and that they have the potential to shape the places in which they live. 

We also believe it is a priority to support young people under-represented in the built environment in accessing the sector: whether young women, those from black and ethnic minority communities and those from less privileged areas. Only by supporting greater diversity through education can we create better, stronger and more understanding communities who can make a difference. 

That is why we established the PLACED Academy and we are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our Partners and Sponsors.”

To find out more and get involved explore the pages on this website, and find out more about PLACED at Applications are open until 10th May.