Christ Church and the Community

We worked with Anette from Christ Church on Linnet Lane, to develop a session for our Academy students to design structures and spaces that would open up use of the Church to the wider community. Their aims were to:

  • Appeal to the wider community of Toxteth, not purely faith-based groups
  • Provide opportunities for activities and events
  • Connect visitors and communities with the heritage of the building
  • Create opportunities to generate income

The four groups came up with a variety of ideas. From family focused childcare provision, multi-functional craft huts, sport come music venues and spaces to help the vulnerable.

We’ve found that our Academy participants throughly enjoy the challenges and constraints that come with repurposing heritage sites, and this was no exception. Their experience of designing for Lark Lane in a previous workshop gave them first hand experience of the challenges of keeping warm in the huge scale of the church, and the opportunities of allowing people to appreciate its architecture.