Construction Impact Framework

“Construction Impact Framework is delighted to be involved as the Placed Academy is a fantastic way to encourage diversity in the built environment whilst educating young people about opportunities across the sector; as a construction framework operator we are familiar with the industry and can see the benefits of engaging a diverse workforce. Having previously worked extensively with young people the Placed Academy is a great way to capture the talents of young people which may not necessarily be captured in their day to day educational routine.”


“CIF is a pro-social business that drives social value across communities through public-sector procurement.

The CIF team have a combined 60yrs experience delivering public-sector frontline services which makes their understanding of poverty and its effects on communities a standout feature of the business.

Each time CIF is utilised by the public-sector the team invest funds into projects/initiatives that deliver much needed community intervention and prevention services. CIF’s social investment strategy not only impacts on key public-sector priorities such as employability, health, education and crime reduction but helps to sustain the Voluntary, Charitable and Social Enterprise sector.

CIF’s reputation as an ethical, financially transparent framework has resulted in a growing membership base who by simply choosing to purchase from a socially driven framework are supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society by choosing to procure socially.

Together with their public-sector partners CIF is working to make communities safer, stronger, healthier and economically active. “

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