Get ready for PLACED Academy 2022

We’re excited to announce we’ll be launching our third PLACED Academy this summer and will be open to applicants from April 2022! We’ll be recruiting up to 40 young people aged 14 – 18 years from across the Northwest to take part in a FREE nine-month programme packed full of creativity and skill-building workshops.

Participants will develop their skills and knowledge of the built environment as they take part in creative design workshops that respond to live projects under the mentorship of industry professionals. The programme will support youth voice and citizenship, whilst enabling designers and decision makers to engage with a group typically underrepresented in discussion about places.

With opportunities to hear from those working in the sector and participate in a tailored package of professional development workshops, the Academy will support young people to make informed decisions about their future career and study paths.

“The Academy helped me consider what job I want in the future and let me see what it is like in different careers. It is definitely something I am going to consider when I get a bit older and choose what path I want to follow.”

Academy Participant

This year’s programme will combine in-person and digital delivery and will include:

  • Launch event: meeting the team, programme introduction and design activities
  • Holiday programme: an intensive four-day programme, during which participants will work on creative design projects. Students will be introduced to planning, regeneration and architecture, with activities including site analysis, brief development, model making and presentation skills
  • Design workshops: monthly design sessions that develop participant skills and knowledge of the built environment through creative activities
  • Professional development skills sessions: support with writing CVs and personal statements, applying for further education, training and interview
  • Work experience: support with identifying work placements by connecting students and professionals
  • Graduation event: a celebration of participants’ progress and success on the programme

“Placed academy was an incredible experience which helped me improve myself on many levels. Not only did it give me a clearer outline of my goals, but it also gave me an opportunity to speak with like-minded people and feel more confident in myself. The whole experience was both creative and analytical, which are very important skills to have, as well as being interactive and engaging. The several trips we took to various locations / on site learning of different buildings and open areas really helped me to see things from a different perspective, as well as being interesting and fun. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that I am so grateful I participated in.”

Academy Participant

With a growing network of Academy graduates, we can’t wait to see what the next diverse cohort of 2022 will bring.

“If you’re unsure of whether to do it or not, just go for it! This is such a unique and special experience that you would be lucky to be part of, and you never know what skills you may take away from it!”

Academy Participant