“WEDGE Collective are delighted to be sponsoring PLACED Academy and to help young people develop skills and experiences outside of traditional learning environments. 

At the heart of WEDGE Collective is a commitment to supporting young people through mentorship, training programmes and internships so we are very excited to come on board as sponsors of PLACED Environmental Academy. Showcasing a diverse range of opportunities, roles, and paths for young people is absolutely essential and we are proud to support this process.”


WEDGE Collective is a creative agency and business school that equips organisations, entrepreneurs and freelancers with the knowledge and skills required to achieve their business goals.

Based in Liverpool and established in 2017, WEDGE Collective provides design, marketing and web services to businesses of all scales, nationally and internationally, whilst also providing training courses, consultancy and educational programmes to adults and young people interested in developing their digital and entrepreneurial skills. 

WEDGE Collective’s approach stems from a strong belief that you do not need to follow the ‘traditional route’ to success. We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals to explore their own paths, which is echoed throughout our work with young people.

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