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Kate Howe, Development Manager, Public Sector Plc: “I supported PLACED throughout 2019 and was overwhelmed at the quality of the Academy and the education that Graduates take away. It is a privilege to be able to give back to the communities we work in and watch how young people grow when given the opportunity to give their thoughts and opinions on our built environment.”

Leena Gillespie, Development Manager Public Sector Plc: “I’m really excited to get involved with PLACED and work with young adults to share ideas on how and what they can do to create the future societies that they will live and work in. Our communities and neighbourhoods are continually changing, and it is key that the younger generation feel empowered to get involved and consider careers in the built environment where they can bring about positive change”.


Public Sector Plc partners with Councils and Housing associations to fast track delivery of zero carbon housing, strategic regeneration and maximising land and property assets with an emphasis on delivering wider socio-economic benefits to local communities. We have significant in-house expertise and resource to complement our Partners’ existing skills. Public Sector Plc partnerships undertake all aspects of land and property activities, including asset management, land promotion & regeneration, development management, strategic investment analysis and funding solutions.

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