Launching the Academy!

The summer holiday programme

At the end of July, 40 of the PLACED Academy participants came together for a four day Summer School, kindly hosted by our partners at the University of Liverpool School of Environmental Sciences. 

The Summer School developed and explored the group’s ideas on what the priorities for the future of the Liverpool City Region should be through a range of independent and group activities. This included reflecting on the areas they live, considering their priorities for the future, and undertaking a design project that allowed them to respond to issues common to towns and cities.

The week was full of fast-paced, interactive and fun activities which helped develop their skills confidence, knowledge and friendships, introduced them to university students and professionals and in the industry, and also allowed them to shape policy for our partners the Liverpool Combined Authority by exploring their views and priorities of the places they live.

Activities over the week included team building games, a site visit to the Fabric District to learn about how areas can be regenerated, a two day design project, model making, sketching, and presenting.

We were so impressed by the range of ideas, skills and experiences that all of the participants bought together!n Now, we’re in the process of doing our 1-2-1’s so that we can shape the programme around their individual interests.

Well done for all of the participants who completed this programme, and we look forward to the next steps coming soon which currently includes input from Fabrik District, Wedge Collective, DTM Legak, OMI, H. H. Smith and Lister Steps Library.

Watch this space!


This programme would not be possible without the generous support of our Sponsors and Partners.

We would also like to give thanks to the volunteer ambassadors who helped support the programme by sharing their knowledge and experiences with the group, and helped them develop their ideas.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Wes Storey who captured many of the wonderful photographs on this page.

The Launch

The programme launched on 11th July with a launch event kindly hosted by our venue sponsors, RIBA North. We were thrilled that so many participants, parents, partners and sponsors were able to join us for the event, which ensured the programme got off to an exciting start.

Thanks to everyone who came to support the programme, learn more, and get the inaugural Academy off to a great start!